The definition of a business development rep (BDR) is a type of inside sales rep that solely focuses on outbound prospecting. Many companies (such as Salesforce) have experienced massive revenue growth by separating sales organizations into specific roles.


Unlike quota-carrying salespeople, BDR's (Sometimes called Sales Development or Market Development Reps) don’t focus on closing business. Rather, SDRs focus on finding the opportunities for salespeople to close.

It all depends on the company you work for. It can range from an $45,000 to $80,000 with a mix of base plus commissions in your first year.


Once you get a year under your belt though, you should be aiming for $65,000+ roles with $100,000+ jobs around the corner.

Definitely not!


First off, our training is entirely virtual so that you can participate from anywhere.


As far as the job, there are many remote roles available at great companies.  If there are technology companies in your city than you can almost guarantee there will be opportunities with them as well.

The Milspo Sales Academy Bootcamp is a 5-week online sales training program built to help you find and succeed in your first technology sales role. The Bootcamp is a combination of online training and live webinar coaching designed to get you prepared to outperform your peers in your first job.

The Sales Exploration Course is how you dip your toe in the water with Milspo Sales Academy. You'll learn about the role of business development, the tech sales world, and take some assessments that will give you an idea if you're right for the role. Most students are able to complete it within a week.

That depends.


If you're in a rush, we can get you through the program in 3 weeks. However, we've set it up so that ideally you will finish the program in 5 weeks with an average of 6 hours per week of work.



We've structured our program so that you can take our online learning at your own pace whenever works best for you.

With our 1x1 coaching and live training webinars, we offer midday and evening options that fit your schedule.